Ancient History

Centuries ago in a time now almost forgotten through generations, the world of Tellus was tumultuous but in a precarious balance. The gods bickered, fighting their minor battles and playing political games to exert their sphere of influence on the mortals of the world. As a result, the people experienced prosperity and suffered misfortune. There were wars and peaces, empires and fortunes rose and fell, and there were droughts, famines, and diseases as well as times of boon and plenty. At any time, circumstances could shift from harmony to strife and back, for a single individual or an entire nation.

In that time, the gods interacted with mortals quite often, and it was not unheard of for a hero, holy person, or mage to personally speak to a god or see one appear before them. It was through one such divine encounter that an oracle first received a dire prophecy. Onerane, kind of the gods, spoke to an oracle, warning that a great Destroyer was approaching, coming from a place outside the material plane, a place beyond mortal comprehension. This unnameable danger would lead to the death of every living being, but not before causing centuries of pain and suffering.

But with this prophecy of doom came a possibility of salvation. Onerane told the oracle that the gods had put aside their differences and come up with a possible solution; they would sacrifice their godhoods, surrendering their immortality. This would mean the gods would become mortal and die, perhaps staying the destruction of the world in the process. This same shield that would guard the world from doom would also prevent chaos and disorder in the absence of the gods, instead ushering in a new age of peace for all beings.

The date of destruction came, and the sun rose as it had every day before it. All the people of Tellus realized that the gods’ sacrifice had worked, and every man and woman felt jubilation at having been spared, tempered with trepidation and sorrow at the loss of the gods. But those feelings soon passed when peace infused the entire material plane; wars came to an end, crops grew bountifully, life expectancy rose, and all people were happy.

Ancient History

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