Eliason's background

As Eliason sat at the tavern table, reminiscing with his half-brother Mykal, his
mind wandered to his days of childhood. Both of them finally being able to celebrate
reaching adulthood, Eli spoke of days gone by, and of his family.

“Eli, tell me again the story of your birth. Itʼs always fascinating and you tell it with
such enthusiasm.”

Eli sighed ponderously and drew his breath in deeply afterwards, preparing
himself to tell the tale as he had done before. A naturally wise and charismatic soul, Eli
loved to tell stories, especially of his short-lived life. “I can only tell what Father has told
me, since I was there but canʼt much remember…” Mykal smirked at Eliʼs smart remark,
which he had grown accustomed to.

“Get on with it, oh King of wit.”

“Patience, court jester.” Eli and Mykal chuckled together. “Here is the tale of my
birth. Fatherʼs healing and good nature was evident in his character, as you know.
However, his youth gave way to obvious shortcomings in wisdom. He chose the
adventurerʼs way and often explored outside of Hett Isti alone. Father hasnʼt always
been as stalwart and wise as he is now, but donʼt tell him I told you that. Anyway,
adventurous souls are bound to end up together. My mother… Ineldi… what a beautiful
name. She had the same adventurous spirit as Father. A bit of a wild heart herself, she
and father met outside of Hett Isti. You should hear the story of their meeting from
Father. He still speaks of her with fondness. My mother was unfortunate… her tribe of
wood elves were not happy with the inevitable union. Ineldiʼs father, the chieftan,
especially did not approve. They ordered her never to see our father again… but she
rebelled. I suppose I still have a bit of her spirit in me. Although it was forbidden, they
continued to see each other in secret. Then came the surprise. Me. They were faced
with a decision… and they chose each other.”

At this point, Eli looked up. Mykal, still engaged, asked what happened after that. Eli,
after taking quick glances around, said: “Their story is hardly tavern talk. The tribe was
outraged and banished her. She went away to live with Father, but of course our
grandfather was furious as well. They roamed the forest together, surviving on their wits
and the food outside the city walls. Then the day came. I was to be born, but Ineldi…

Mykal felt the sorrow in Eliʼs voice. Eli drew a deep breath and continued, in control of
his emotions.

“Father ran to Hett Isti and pleaded with his Father to do something. The love that
Grandfather saw in his eyes moved him to gather the healers to assist in Father and my
motherʼs plight. With great submission, Father offered a cry for forgiveness and
restoration to the tribe of the wood elves. So moved by Fatherʼs plea, the chieftan of the
wood elves, Ineldiʼs father, commanded the wood elf healers to go to her as well. But
her problems were too great. The healers did everything they could… and she still gave
birth. They say she was able to look into my eyes and utter “Eliason” before she died. It

was incredible… even with all that healing power, they werenʼt able to save her. But
me… well, Iʼve always had the gift of healing. I think it comes from the way I was born.
That is the story of my unconventional birth.”

Mykal sighed as he often had at the end of the story. Moved by the compassion of their
father, they reflected for a minute on the story that had just been told.

“No wonder Father is so dedicated to healing and restoration” remarked Mykal
“Father is wise. He took the immense pain he experienced and raised us on the
principles of healing and peace. The wood elf tribe is still friends with Hett Isti to this day
because of the kindness of Shalom.”

“Talking behind my back again boys?”

Mykal and Eliason both startled at the sound of their fatherʼs voice behind them. They
had not realized he walked into the tavern. Shalom looked at them sternly and then
laughed heartily at their sheepish countenance.

“Finer men do not roam these lands, sons! You have done your father well with your
Eli greeted his father with a hearty handshake. “And no one compares in wisdom to you,

“Thank you my boy! Now, enough with the compliments.” His smile grew into a stern
face. “As you both know, this blight on our land has lasted far long enough. Though we
are well-fed and sustaining, Mykal I must tell you: I believe the time is coming that Eli
will leave us.”

Mykal froze for a second before asking his father to repeat his last words. Before
Shalom could open his mouth, Eliʼs gentle touch on his fatherʼs shoulder quelled his
tongue. “Father is wise, Mykal. Unfortunately for us, my time in Hett Isti is drawing to an
end. On this day we saw outsiders; adventurers. I believe they are part of the solution to
this problem of ours.”

“Right you are, Son. I have seen in you the spirit of an adventurer since you were but a
young boy. Although it began complicated for you… you werenʼt always as popular as
you are now. I remember some of the things you requested of me with that silver tongue
of yours!” Shalom ended his compliment with a strong pat on his eldest sonʼs back.
“Remember your escapades with your group of friends?”

Eli let loose with a bellowing laugh. “The Peace Fighters!” He exclaimed with mirth. “I
made up that name. We were a group of kids that ʻfoughtʼ for peace with our words and
actions. I remember… those who preyed on the weak were exposed as cowards! Never
underestimate the power of peaceful people in large numbers.”

Mykal grinned at his elder brother. “And donʼt forget who served faithfully with you!”

Eli grabbed his relativeʼs arm and hoisted it in the air. “He who implemented peace with
an Iron Fist!” Mykal wrested his arm from Eliʼs grasp. “Iʼll show you my Iron Fist!” All
three men doubled over in laughter at each otherʼs antics. When they regained their
composure, Mykal was the first to talk.

“Please donʼt go, Eli. We need you here.”

Eliʼs compassionate eyes met his brother and friendʼs pleading gaze. Eli felt a twinge of
sadness in his heart. The boy he had grown up with was now asking the impossible.

“I have been with you for many years, Mykal. My friend it is now time that I seek to end
the wretchedness my heart feels started this terrible fate on our land. I will start here,
though. I promise to right the wrongs that are happening in this town, friend.”

Mykal bowed his head, knowing that the half-elf was right. Shalom grasped Mykalʼs
head in both hands and drew pulled his head up to meet the kindly healerʼs eyes. “Itʼs
time this ended. You know weʼve always stood for healing and redemption. Itʼs Eliʼs turn
to make this a reality.”

Eli also looked deeply into his brotherʼs eyes. “You know partly of the situation here in
Hett Isti, and I promise that will be remedied before I leave. Mykal… brother, you are
now the man of the house. take care of our family and of the healers. You will do well,
friend… Oh my, isnʼt that cousin Jones over there?”

Then there was smoke. Chaos reigned in the tavern, but the three men dove behind an
overturned table and waited for the dust to settle. When it finally did, Eli knew it was
about time someone talked to these adventurers. The Old Man! He looked sensible. So
Eli gathered his senses and prepared for what he could only imagine was his greatest
task yet…

Eliason's background

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